Child Care Programs

child boy plays on floor in nursery

At Texas Heritage Children’s Ranch in Schertz, activities are designed with education in mind.

Our child care curriculum is based on a learning through play environment. Holiday, seasonal, and community based themes change weekly and or expanded, depending on the interest of each class.

Colors, shapes, numbers and letters are introduced at age appropriate levels including consistent visual cues, as well as centers geared toward strengthening these concepts.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program uses Big Day, for Pre-K by Scholastic, which teaches kindergarten readiness skills.

We also offer an after-school and Summer daycare program for school-age children. Our Summer program includes swimming, skating, bowling, sports, and a variety of arts and crafts to keep your after-schooler busy, active and happy. We’re here from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.


We pride ourselves in having a warm, loving, welcoming environment throughout our childcare center. Our infant rooms are filled with calming music, and a quiet atmosphere. The teachers are constantly talking and singing to the children throughout the day, particularly during diaper changes and mealtimes. Helping infants achieve important milestones through tummy time, sitting on the floor playing with them and offering different types of sensory stimulation to encourage reaching, crawling and pulling up.


Our toddler rooms encourage exploring, climbing, painting and creative/imaginary play. Our centers in each classroom are set up to inspire learning. We use a theme based curriculum, taking our cue from the children when to either continue to explore a particular topic or move on to a new one. Their days are always fresh and exciting and full of adventure.


We prepare children for school by helping them become more independent. Our enhanced curriculum teaches colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Children begin to recognize words, and develop beginning reading skills, ensuring they are prepared f or Kindergarten.

After School

A variety of activities available in our school age classroom keep children busy while waiting for their parents to arrive. From an art center full of paper and paint media to a Science center packed with magnifying glasses, magnets, scales/ weights and books that answer a multitude of “why” and “how” something works to building in the block center with giant blocks and legos. Allowing children to play and still create and learn in the process. After having an afterschool snack, children are encouraged to work on homework, then are able to choose from the other activities in the classroom.

Summer Care Program

Our preschoolers keep up with our vegetable garden that we planted in the spring making sure our pumpkins and sunflowers are taken care of. They also enjoy water play activities once a week that include a dramatic play camping area, bubble area, various sprinklers and snowcones!!

School age children go swimming and skating weekly as part of our summer fun schedule. We also go on a variety of other field trips which have included Morgan’ s Wonderland, The Witte Museum, The
Children’s Museum, and Ripley’ s Believe t or Not.